Life Sanctuary Kids

Life Sanctuary Kids Church has built an innovative children’s ministry which, in partnership with parents, provides a secure, inclusive environment in which we can raise a generation of champions, who are secure in their identity in Christ, live a Bible-based life, and confidently follow the call God has placed on their life. At Life Sanctuary Kids Church, we have categorised the children into five groups according to their ages, namely – BEGINNER, PRIMARY, JUNIOR, INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR. A twelve-year plan was developed which resulted in the compilation of twelve books organised into the five respective age-appropriate categories as follows: Bible Stories, Bible Tour, Bible Discovery, Bible Journey and Bible Exploration.
We also have a Pre-Teens session every week along with the Kids Church to minister to teenagers and guide them in their journey. Sanctuary Kids Church starts at 4:00 PM and finishes by 5:00 PM. Every last week of the month is set aside for Kids Worship Service during which the children share the word, narrate stories, share testimonies and pray for each other. Apart from these, we conduct one-day picnics, kid’s seminars and the like. All we do at Life Sanctuary Kids Church is for God’s glory and for the children’s everlasting benefit!