Connect groups (Connects) are the anchors that hold the church families together in love and fellowship. The Connects are the extensions of our church and meet at a location easily accessible to people in their neighbourhood. They are also the open door to our church to extend fellowship beyond the four walls of the church into the community.

The Connect is a platform for spiritual growth, intimate prayer, fellowship and fun where we meet to edify and build each other. Through the ‘Connect’ talents are developed, thus moulding the members to active ministry. Our Connect Groups foster authenticity, openness, trust, belonging, and accountability among our members. Here, we mentor our new believers to their destiny and the call of God upon their lives. The appointed leaders of LSC lead these home groups. Reflecting our motto “LOVE–SERVE—CONNECT”, we have gatherings in the major suburbs where members meet on the first and second Fridays of every month in their respective Connect groups.

If you are wondering how you could join one of our Connect Groups, do contact us and we will guide you accordingly.